Photo gallery

London, UK 2010Red Lily, 2010Grounds for SculptureWhite Place, NM 2004Florence, Italy 2010

Bicycle - Florence, Italy 2010Eagles, Philadelphia PA 1972National Museum of the American Indian 2012Umbrella, Cape May NJ 2010Cape Cod, MA 2008

Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia PA 1981Samuel Boardman State Park, OR 2011Near Woodstock NY 2009Christmas cactus, 2004Acadia National Park, ME

Arches National Park, 2009Bicycle, Cape May NJ 2010Begonia 2012Provincetown MA 2011Yosemite National Park 2005Iris 2012

Florence, Italy 2010Raindrops, 2005Canyonlands National Park, UT 2009Volterra Italy 2010My Guitar, 2012

Gladiolus 2012Cape May NJ, 2010Contrails, NM 2004Lou Reed, Philadelphia 1972Tulip stems, 2012

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